Afiya Chohollo

What is Cash Runway?

How would it feel to see how long your business has till it runs out of money? Cash is king in business! To prevent financial failure, Stay proactive & safeguard your company


Burn rate is a key metric for company finances. This metric can help you understand how much cash you're spending each month and indicates if company operations are sustainable. Take a look at how CloudFO handles this for you.

CloudFO Data Security & Privacy

Empowering Your Business with Data Security and Privacy When it comes to your business data, CloudFO leaves no stone unturned in ensuring your utmost security and privacy. Here's how we'

Introducing CloudFO KPIs

CloudFO KPIs, the ultimate solution for business finance management and monitoring. With our easy and secure setup, you can connect your business bank accounts and merchant providers in just a few clicks, and

Streamline Your Cash Flow Management with CloudFO

Use the CloudFO Analyse Transactions feature to gain complete, accurate, and timely financial data. Filter and view cash flows over different time periods and know which categories these fall into.