Key Takeaways from Webinar - Communicating Financial Insights to Stakeholders

Key Takeaways from Webinar -  Communicating Financial Insights to Stakeholders

26th June 2024, CloudFO hosted a Webinar "From Insights to Impact: Communicating Financial Insights to Stakeholders," featuring insights from finance and communication experts on crafting compelling financial narratives and effectively engaging stakeholders.

Host: Dhosjan Greenaway- Dalini Founder & CEO, Bia Innovate. Non-Executive Director, CloudFO

Panel: Saeed Soheily Finance Director @ Verto & Sophie Louise Rowe Brand, PR and Comms @ prev. FT's Sifted and SaaStock

Key Takeaways

  1. Finance as a storyteller. Dhosjan opened the discussion by talking about finance being the main storyteller of the business. Telling the story of where the company has been and where it's going, from a growth and sustainability perspective. She also discussed the critical role of finance teams to act as an educator in their business partner role.
  2. Clarity and Relatability in Storytelling: Effective financial storytelling involves clarity, connection, and narrative flow. Sophie Louise Rowen Brand, PR, and Communications Expert, stressed the importance of crafting narratives that stakeholders can easily grasp and resonate with.
  3. Context and Qualitative Insights: Integrating qualitative insights into financial reports is crucial for providing a comprehensive understanding. Saeed Soheily
  4. , Finance Director, highlighted how this holistic view supports senior management in making informed strategic decisions.
  5. Channel Preferences: Understanding and leveraging preferred communication channels—be it Slack, email, or face-to-face meetings—is crucial for effective engagement. Sophie noted, "Knowing your audience's preferences and their financial knowledge level is key."
  6. Strategic Alignment: Continuous review of metrics and KPIs ensures alignment with strategic objectives. Saeed reinforced that financial insights should serve as a guiding compass, directing the business towards achieving its goals.
  7. Enhancing Strategic Communication: The webinar also explored practical strategies for blending qualitative insights with quantitative data to enhance goal tracking and refine communication strategies. Participants gained insights into real-world scenarios where effective integration of these insights drives actionable outcomes.
  8. Driving Actionable Insights Through Reporting: Saeed’s expert advice on defining metrics and KPIs to guide strategic goals was highlighted. Participants learned how specific metrics align with broader strategic objectives, with practical examples demonstrating their impact on actionable insights.
  9. Addressing Data Communication Challenges: Both speakers addressed the complexities of timely data accuracy and effectively communicating intricate financial analyses. Saeed stressed the importance of balancing key assumptions and trends when delivering financial insights to senior leadership.

Thank you to our speakers

Sophie, for her insights into effective financial storytelling.

  • Saeed, for sharing practical strategies on integrating qualitative insights into financial reporting.
  • Dhosjan, for moderating an engaging and insightful discussion.

Thank you to all attendees for making this webinar a success. Let's continue driving meaningful change through insightful financial storytelling!

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Watch the Replay

If you missed the live session, catch the full webinar recording below (Subscribe to access) and discover how to transform financial insights into impactful decisions at your convenience.