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CloudFO hosts,

Webinar 26th June 4pm-5pm BST 

From Insights to Impact: A Fireside Chat

Learn key insights from leaders in Finance & Communications on communicating financial insights to stakeholders

Host: Dhosjan Greenaway- Dalini  Founder & CEO, Bia Innovate. Non-Executive Director, CloudFO 

Panel: Saeed Soheily Finance Director @ Verto, Sophie Louise Rowe

Brand, PR and Comms @ Former FT's Sifted and SaaStock

Join us for a special fireside chat titled 'From Insights to Impact: A Leadership Perspective on Communicating Financial Insights to Stakeholders.' In today's dynamic business landscape, effective communication of financial data is essential for driving informed decision-making and fostering stakeholder engagement. 

This webinar will explore strategies and best practices for conveying financial insights to various stakeholders, including executives, investors, and team members. Learn how to distil complex financial information into clear, actionable insights that resonate with your audience.  

Whether you're a finance professional, business leader, or aspiring entrepreneur, this webinar offers valuable insights to enhance your communication skills and elevate your financial reporting practices. Don't miss this opportunity to sharpen your ability to communicate financial data effectively and drive business success!

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