Key Takeaways from Webinar - From Insights to Impact

Key Takeaways from Webinar - From Insights to Impact

From Insights to Impact: A fireside chat with CFOs- Hosted by Dhosjan Greenaway-Dalini in conversation with Mong-Trang Sarrazin and Marie Speakman.

Discussion on AI powered Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A), and its significance in aligning business operations, financial aspirations, and corporate strategies. Celebration of International Women's Month highlightng  Women in Finance leadership.

  1. How AI propels us beyond automation, enabling insightful analysis of financial data for informed decision-making, with real-life examples such as Mong Trang reducing DSO by 30% (Days sales outstanding ).
  2. Both Mong Trang and Marie discussed the power of AI in supporting real-time decisions and fostering agility in team operations.
  3. Marie elaborated on how AI-driven FP&A can relieve financial professionals from the pressured rush of month-end reporting and data manipulation. In her words, “Finance professionals are in a great place to lead with AI and be the finance business partners their companies need”.
  4. It was stressed that the emphasis on quality doesn't diminish with the adoption of AI. By prioritising data quality, the powerful potential for predictive analytics can be realised.
  5. Impactful insights are communicated through transparent metrics. It is essential that strategic objectives are tracked and shared company-wide, promoting effective communication and coherent goal alignment as done by Mong-Trang at Unmind
  6. AI was presented as a tool for enabling career advancement and closing the skills gap. It has the potential to transform accounting teams into FP&A teams, and FP&A into performance drivers through predictive analysis optimisation.

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More about the speakers:

Mong-Trang Sarrazin
CFO at Unmind and previously Group CFO at Doctolib and Ullink/Ittiviti. She has extensive expertise in scaling tech companies as well as in scaling finance operations, fundraising, debt raising and M&A.

Marie Speakman
AI consultant who empowers finance professionals to scale their businesses and enhance client relationships through strategic automation and AI solutions.

Dhosjan Greenaway-Dalini
Fractional CFO to tech startups with extensive expertise in strategic financial planning and analysis, cashflow management and fundraising